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WPA School

SOLD Historic Art Deco School House for Sale
Very Rare untouched project located in a petite community in rural western MN. The electric panel has been updated and city water is in place. This unique building is in need of a complete restoration and could be a wonderful home for the right buyer. The property has been a summer project for a husband and wife team but has never been lived in. Project has been partially cleaned out and is ready for work. The property features VERY strong, substantial foundation and walls and was built by the Works Progress Administration in 1938 as a school. The school was open from 1938 till 1970’s. Will require hook up to new septic, roof does leaks. Basement takes in seasonal water, and requires sump pump. Property is being Sold AS IS
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Interior showings can be set up for buyers that are able to provide proof of financing / proof of funds. For more info about this property for sale in Norcross, MN call American Eagle Realty today at 320.589.4200.

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